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bmw m3 e46 images

bmw m3 e46 images

bmw m3 e46 images

bmw m3 e46 images

The combination of a strong structure and advanced occupant restraint systems means the BMW M3 Convertible offers the highest possible standards of passive and active safety for occupants. Like the standard 3-Series Convertible, the M3 version is equipped with a rollover sensor system that constantly monitors the vertical and horizontal movement of the car. If the sensors (which are located in the centre of the car, on the B pillars and in the doors) detect that a rollover is imminent, roll bars located behind the rear headrests pop up. At the same time, the front seatbelt pre-tensioners are activated and the head/thorax airbags are deployed.

Klaus Kibsgaard, the new Managing Director of BMW (UK) Ltd, said: “To be stepping into BMW’s third largest market just as brand shapers such as M3s and the X6 are launched is a rare treat. Throughout my time at BMW I have been aware of the strong lure that the M badge has on our UK customers. This latest car underscores our competitive advantage in the market place. It is the only performance car of its type to feature innovations such as energy saving technology and a folding metal roof.

“I believe the M3 Convertible is a sublime product and one of the best from M. It will be hugely satisfying for both our existing M3 Convertible owners looking to buy the new generation as well as prospects who, as yet, have not had the pleasure of hearing an M engine on full song.”

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