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bmw m3 e46 photos

bmw m3 e46 photos

bmw m3 e46 photos

bmw m3 e46 photos

For enthusiasts of ultimate automotive performance, it’s a magic name: BMW M3. Combining the all-around excellence of the BMW 3 Series with the spectacular performance and handling prowess that could only come from BMW M, the M3 is the formidable BMWsports car that has won – again and again – the accolades of the world’s motoring critics while providing its buyers with real performance and equally real practicality. Less than a year ago, BMW M, creator of all things M, brought forth a new M3 – an all-new generation of this legendary sports car.

As has been traditional with the M3, it was the coupe model that appeared first; a convertible variant followed soon thereafter. Predictably, the independent experts took notice. In a June 2001 comparison test of the M3 coupe and a key competitor, Car and Driver declared the M3 the winner. “Incredible engine, sweet steering, silky gearbox, hi-fi driving experience” was how the magazine characterized BMW M’s new ultra-performance coupe.

In another comparison test, pitting the M3 against two key rivals, Automobile Magazine (May ’01) gave the BMW the edge and characterized it thus: “The BMW is a more tactile car, more responsive and fractionally quicker. It’s a bigger challenge to drive, and that, ultimately, makes it a more rewarding purchase.”

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