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Pic of BMW M3 Tuning

Pic of BMW M3 Tuning

Pic of BMW M3 Tuning

Pic of BMW M3 Tuning

Once a car’s equipped with software, intake and pulleys, the next step is to upgrade the cat-back exhaust. Many companies offer one, including AA, Dinan, TMS (Borla and Supersprint) and UUC Motorwerks, with prices ranging from $600-950. These systems should net you 4-8 lb/ft of torque in the mid-range but usually won’t give much more than 2-4whp up top. However, you’ll save 20-30 lb in weight and get a more aggressive exhaust note.

If you’re starting with a stock car, a good package in this price range uses a larger HFM. Turner’s $1250 stage 2 setup for the ’95 M3 can give up to 230whp with its Euro 3.5″ AMS and intake, 24 lb/hr injectors and software.

If the car’s an ’96-99 OBD2, Turner’s stage 2 features a 3.5″ intake, HFM, 24 lb/hr injectors and software for $1655. At around 225whp, the peak horsepower won’t be as high as the OBD1, but mid-range torque will be 12-15 lb/ft thanks to the S52 intake runners and larger displacement.

Dinan’s $1999 S Package consists of its stage 2 software, CAI and cat-back exhaust. They don’t quote wheel horsepoer but we estimate about 227whp.In this range, TMS offers a stage 3 package. For OBD1 cars its $2340 kit, including Schrick cams, 24 lb/hr injectors, Conforti Euro intake and software, will bump power to 240whp, with over 220 lb/ft. The OBD2 stage 3 kit again claims less top end power with around 230whp, but you can expect 240 lb/ft at 4000rpm for this $2755 setup.

If you’re willing to sacrifice low- and mid-range torque for more straight-line acceleration in your OBD2 M3, Eurosport has an alternative. Its stage 2.5 kit uses an S50 manifold conversion from the OBD1 cars. The kit sells for $2297 and includes a Euro HFM kit, S50 intake manifold conversion, 24 lb/hr injectors, traction control delete elbow, fan temp switch and fan delete nut. With the manifold conversion you lose significant torque up to 4200rpm, but after that, power peaks at around the 235whp. Peak torque remains about the same as stock but happens much later. Stay tuned as we test this kit on our own OBD2 M3.In this category Dinan has a $3394 kit. It includes everything in the S package, plus a larger throttle body, stage 5 software and a high-flow airflow meter. This should give a CARB-legal 237whp.

Eurosport’s OBD2 stage 3 kit can be had for $3396. It’s everything in the stage 2.5 kit plus Schrick cams for up to 245whp. Power is slightly down from stock up to 4000rpm, with a 10 lb/ft loss around 3900rpm, but the trade off is a dramatic power increase ranging from 35-40whp from 5700rpm to redline.

Turner Motorsport focuses on power through the rev range with its stage 4 upgrade for OBD2. For $3655 you get its stage 3 cam kit plus “shorty” headers, which bolt up to the stock cats. Even with the S52 intake manifold, power is around 235whp from 5500-6300rpm, and peak torque is an impressive 245 lb/ft at 4000rpm.

Once you get into this territory, the real bang for your buck comes from forced induction. Active Autowerke comes into play here with its C38 Rotrex supercharger upgrade for $3995. With everything included to run your car, it’s good for 300whp at 7psi. Now we’re talking about serious fun.

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