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Pic of BMW 330 Cd

Pic of BMW 330 Cd

Pic of BMW 330 Cd

Pic of BMW 330 Cd

The diesel engine’s rise to power among luxury cars is now virtually complete. Last month saw the arrival in Britain of the first oil-burning prestige coupί¿½, Mercedes’ CLK 270CDI, which prompted fears among die-hard petrolheads that no sector of the market is safe.

As part of a plan that will see eight new models launched in 2003, arch-rival BMW delivered a 150mph counter-offensive this week in the shape of its new 330Cd – the fastest machine ever to drink from the black pump.

The vital statistics make interesting reading. A top speed of 150mph and 0-60mph time of seven seconds put the coupί¿½ in a performance bracket previously reserved for the hottest hot hatchbacks and petrol-powered executive machines. In addition, the new 3.0-litre turbodiesel’s power outputs take some beating. With 204bhp at 4,000rpm and 410Nm of torque available between 1,500 and 3,250rpm, the straight-six unit makes the 325Ci’s petrol engine seem weedy. The motor is also markedly more powerful than the 3.0d version it replaces.

With a C02 output of 177g/km, the oil-burning Beemer comes within the same 20 per cent taxation bracket as its Mercedes-built counterpart, making it an equally attractive proposition for company car drivers. Out on the road, improvements to the car immediately become apparent. Of all the 3-Series models, only the mighty M3 gives a more potent mixture of in-gear flexibility and kick-in-the back acceleration.

From 1,600rpm onwards, the 330Cd surges forward on a relentless wave of momentum, which only subsides when the rev-limiter kicks in above 4,700rpm. In addition, a new six-speed manual gearbox delivers the optimum blend of performance and economy. At 70mph in sixth, the engine pulls only 2,100rpm, making for a claimed extra-urban fuel consumption figure of 51.4mpg. Perhaps the most significant advance, however, has been made in the field of refinement, as at tickover, the engine is eerily quiet.

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