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Picture of BMW 330Ci

Picture of BMW 330Ci

Picture of BMW 330Ci

Picture of BMW 330Ci

Dynamic Brake Control is another important safety feature, crucial in extreme braking situations (such as when avoiding an accident). When it is necessary to build up brake pressure as quickly as possible, Dynamic Brake Control can speed up and reinforce this process, helping to provide the shortest possible stopping distance.

Head Protection System (HPS)
BMW’s Head Protection System is an inflatable tubular structure to protect the heads of a vehicle’s front and rear seat occupants. Operating in conjunction with the side airbags, the system provides front seat occupants with outstanding protection in the case of severe side impact. It helps protect the head from hitting the side window and being hit by objects penetrating the side window. In recognition of this remarkable protection, BMW was named ‘Safe Car of the Millennium’ by the International Brain Injury Association.

Service Interval Indicator
Recognizing that each vehicle is used differently – and so the need for routine maintenance is different for each vehicle – BMW developed the Service Interval Indicator. This device continually analyzes the way the BMW is driven, and uses this analysis to determine when it needs servicing – not just based on miles driven. The basic Oil Service includes a change of engine oil and filter, and select other maintenance items. Long-life sparkplugs are designed for a service life of 100,000 miles.

SIRIUS Satellite Radio
Enjoy digital entertainment wherever you drive, coast-to-coast. SIRIUS delivers 60 commercial free music streams and over 40 news, sports and entertainment streams from the best names in the business, including CNN, ESPN, CNBC, NPR and Radio Disney. SIRIUS Satellite Radio integrates seamlessly into your vehicle with the controls of your BMW’s radio

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