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Photo of BMW 320I

Photo of BMW 320I

Photo of BMW 320I

Photo of BMW 320I

In 1996 the 325i and 325is received a new 2.8-liter inline six rated at 190 horsepower. In 1998 the 323i convertible and 323is coupe was outfitted with a 2.5-liter M52 engine that produced 168 horsepower.

In 1999 the E46 3-series was introduced. The first versions offered were the 323i and 328i four-door sedans. The body had undergone moderate changes such as a new front end, a rounder roofline, wider wheel arches, and updated headlights. The vehicles sat atop a wider wheelbase and the length had increased.

BMW stated that the structure of the body had been stiffened by 70 percent and the engine moved back in the chassis to take advantage of better weight distribution. Aluminum had been used in many components such as the suspension and engine to reduce the overall weight. The six-cylinder engine was equipped with an advanced VANOS variable valve timing system. The 2.5-liter version produced 170 horsepower while the 2.8-liter produced 193 horsepower. The rear-seats in the E46 were roomier and side-curtain airbags greatly improved the safety for all passengers.

In 2000 the 323ci and 328ci versions were added to the model lineup. A 323i wagon was big news, the first time a wagon had been offered as a three-series in the United States.

In 2003 a DVD-based navigation became available as optional equipment. It provided many new and exciting features, critics, however, gave it poor ratings on being user-friendly. The vehicles became more comfortable and accommodating with a front, center arm-rest for the 325 and a center headrest for all wagons and sedans.

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