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Image of BMW 635

Image of BMW 635

Image of BMW 635

Image of BMW 635

Both models had an optional 3 gear ZF HP-22 auto transmission along with standard transmission. Refined for better performance, the suspension was taken from the E12 5-series. All E24’s were based on the M30 ‘big six’ engine and all were 12-valve units except the 24-valve M6. The only non-injection engine model was the 630. The M30 engine came in various forms in the earliest vehicles, but most had the 2.8, 3.5 or S38 24-valve 3.5 M-Tech version.

The most popular model was the 635, introduced in 1978, and produced as the 635CSi which featured an available 5-speed gearbox. Other earlier E24 models included the 628, 630 and 633. The 628 CSi was introduced in 1979, at the same time the 630 CS was withdrawn from the model range. The 628 model was produced until 1987 and was a budget model for the European market. The 633 CSi featured the first generation of DME, and ABS brakes were available as an option. The following year, the 635 CSi received the same DME as the 633 Csi.

The main update in 1982 was the entire reworking of the body which included a new front and rear end, which achieved a lighter and stronger vehicle. ABS brakes were now standard in all E24 models. A new 3430 cc engine was placed in the 635 CSi along with new engine management, DME II. Upgraded to the engine version from the seven series in June of 1982, the 635 models now utilized less fuel due to improved computer control systems. The 633 CSi was no longer available in Europe in 1982, and the following year was the final production run.

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