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Photo of BMW 325 Tds

Photo of BMW 325 Tds

Photo of BMW 325 Tds

Photo of BMW 325 Tds

for those who are not to familer with the bmw diesel range there are 2x types of 325 desiels there is the TD witch came with 115bhp and no intercooler and not very tuneable and dont make a grate deal of money compaired to the 325 TDS witch came with 143bhp with a small intercooler with a larger turbo and electronic fueling TDI and its these ones that seem to hold there value although most of them were auto but these manuals are around just not as easy to come across.
dont be put off by the millage as these engines are good for over 230k and this on has loads of life left in it.

there are some bad points as well to this car :
bonnet badge is missing
washer jets broken (but modified so work)
bit of the lacque flaking bonnet
few small rust bubbles on bottom corner of doors and front of bonnet.

there is a upgrade stereo system in the car at the moment that will also be included – cd player/ amp/ subwoofer

would like to make you aware for those intrested in this car with no knolage of drifting or tuned diesels –
being a mig diff the rear wheels will skip when turning sharp at low speed as the rear wheels will be trying to turn at the same rate.
being chipped – it will put extra diesel in on boost witch dont always burn off on idle so causes to run lumpy every now and then.
also being a tunned and more fuel and air going in does cause more smoke on boost
just wanted to make the winning bidder clear on this so there is no disopoint ment on collection.

just had a new water pump fitted and new engine mounts & was serviced 1k ago


Source: driftworks

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