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BMW 325 Images

BMW 325 Images

BMW 325 Images

BMW 325 Images

has perennially been known for producing the “Ultimate Driving Machine”: a harmonious blend of performance and luxury appealing to all the senses. And appealing to the masses has always been the job of the 3-Series, especially the M3.

Back in ’00, BMW set the standard for performance automobiles with the release of the E46 M3. While many greeted its arrival with excitement, others were disappointed to hear there wouldn’t be a sedan to compete with other marques’ sporty four-doors that were gaining popularity. What could be done for those looking for the power and handling of an M3, but with the practicality of two extra doors and more space?

That is a question Jojo Cagungun asked himself in ’01 when he bought a 325i sedan. He didn’t plan to modify it extensively, but knew whatever the path he took, the mods had to be clean and flow with the lines of car.

During the course of modifying the car he went through many changes, starting with reputable tuners like Hamann and Schnitzer. After co-founding DPE Wheels in Los Angeles in late ’03, he knew he had to take the 325i to another level and build something unique to promote the company.

As a fan of the E46 M3, he inevitably set out to create something that would match its Motorsport heritage, but with four doors. The problem he faced back then was the relative absence of aftermarket parts for the sedan that resembled the E46 M3. So his only choice was to use OEM parts. But this presented its own problems primarily because the M3 is wider than a regular 3-Series.

Source: eurotuner

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