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BMW 325 Pictures

BMW 325 Pictures

BMW 325 Pictures

BMW 325 Pictures

To gain the broad, curvaceous lines of the heralded GTR, Demmitt started with a complete PTG E36 M3 body kit. From this he created fiberglass molds in order to enlarge the fenders an additional two inches without destroying the original pieces. To match the flares, the front bumper ends were also stretched. This gave the car the breadth Demmitt was hoping for.

Since the PTG body kit was designed for a two-door coupe, Demmitt had to redesign the rear fender flares to accommodate the back doors. Again, he created fiberglass molds in order to avoid carving up the expensive kit. He tried a variety of fender shapes until he determined what looked and worked best on the sedan. On the rear deck, Demmitt incorporated the carbon-fiber high wing from PTG’s #7 competition car-not a similar wing, but the actual hooped airfoil used during PTG’s early raids on the ALMS.

Again, as the 325 chassis was identical to the E36 M3 parts car, transferring the suspension and brake components were simple bolt-on upgrades. Still, several renovations were added with the assembly. Aggressively rated coilovers and adjustable Koni shocks from Ground Control Suspension Systems were incorporated. The Konis were hung from adjustable mono-ball camber plates at the front and rear upper suspension points. Additional corner management is induced by Eibach anti-sway bars, 24mm up front and 22mm at the rear.

Stopping power was assigned to the factory E36 M3 brake system, again graciously donated by the parts car. At the four corners, Demmitt wrapped the calipers with three-piece BBS race wheels measuring 11×18 inches and shod with meaty 295/35-18 Bridgestone SO2 rubber.

As Demmitt had invested an enormous amount of time and effort in his creation, the last thing he intended to do was skimp on the heart of his road racer. He evicted the 325’s 190-hp, 2.5-liter in favor of a 3.0-liter M3 motor. But before the inline six was allowed into the engine bay there were tweaks to be made.

Source: europeancar

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