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Pic of BMW 530

Pic of BMW 530

Pic of BMW 530

Pic of BMW 530

The 5 Series wagon also arrived for 2006. It was offered in a single 530xi model and all-wheel drive came standard. Additionally, all-wheel drive became optional for the 530 sedan. For 2007, additional standard equipment was added like an auxiliary input jack and BMW Assist, while new options include high-definition radio, BMW’s Night Vision system and 20-way-adjustable front seats.

For 2008, the six-cylinder engines were replaced. The base engine was now found in the 528i, which featured a 3.0-liter 230-hp inline-6. The midgrade choice became the 535i with its twin-turbo 3.0-liter inline-6 good for 300 hp. Indeed, we’d argue this was the best choice as it offered similar performance for less money than the unchanged 550i. The xDrive all-wheel-drive system was now optional on the 528i and 535i sedans, while the wagon could only be had in 535i xDrive form.

Another area a used shopper should note is the system called iDrive, which corralled audio, climate, navigation and communication functions using a central LCD screen and console-mounted control dial. This system was especially cumbersome to use and could make seemingly simple tasks a confusing, multistep affair. For 2009, the 5 Series received an updated iDrive control knob and menu buttons, but the old cumbersome menu structure remained the same. For 2010, the entire iDrive system was updated with the menu structure of newer BMWs as long as you ordered the navigation system.

This BMW 5 Series was a well-balanced machine that could handle aggressive driving on winding back roads just as easily as it dispatched weekday commutes on crumbling expressways. The 5’s adeptness at both ride comfort and handling prowess borders on the amazing. The steering was equally sublime, with perfect weighting and a near-telepathic feel — however, it could be rather stiff in parking lots. If you like the styling and aren’t irritated by its electronics interface, the 5 Series is an excellent choice for a used luxury car.

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