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Picture of BMW 530

Picture of BMW 530

Picture of BMW 530

Picture of BMW 530

Accounting for sales of almost 700,000 units, the first generation of the BMW 5 Series more than doubled the success of the New Range in the market. The next model launched in 1982 then continued this story of success, remaining faithful in its design to the principle of clear lines and large windows.

With its even more striking design front and rear, the new BMW 5 Series, despite its exterior dimensions remaining almost identical, offered far greater presence and flair on the road. Engineering refinements and intelligent lightweight technology provided more space within the interior, optimum weight and improved occupant safety. The newly developed suspension with its double-joint front axle and semi-trailing arm rear axle served in particular to enhance the motoring comfort offered by the new model. Modern electronic systems were also introduced into the BMW 5 Series at this point, ranging from anti-lock brakes via an on-board computer all the way to electronic fuel injection.

Right from the start upon its introduction into the market, the new sedan came with a broad model range and engines extending from 90 to 184 hp. A particularly sporting version was introduced in 1984, even though the 218 hp BMW M535i was not the last word from Motorsport GmbH this time. Instead, Motorsport GmbH proudly presented the very epitome of the Sports Sedan at the 1985 Frankfurt Motor Show, the BMW M5. Hardly distinguishable from the other models when considered from outside, the BMW M5 was optimised throughout beneath its sheet metal for uncompromising driving dynamics. Power came from a straight-six boasting four-valve technology and no less than six throttle butterflies. Output of this drive unit derived from the legendary BMW M1 was 286 hp, developing supreme thrust and performance previously offered by only the most thoroughbred sports cars.

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