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BMW 530D Images

BMW 530D Images

BMW 530D Images

BMW 530D Images

Across this whole range, the sedan body is the same. With a length of just over 192 inches, the car is long enough to provide luxury-level seating and legroom in the rear and a reasonable amount of luggage space, but is short enough to be easy to drive and park.

On the interior, trim is a tasteful combination of wood and leather (optional on the 528i and 528 xi), with a variety of choices available. The dash is elegant, with few buttons, but dominated by a center screen that monitors all functions and provides vision for the optional navigation and new night vision systems. All of this is controlled with BMW’s iDrive, which offers a one-knob interface that is loved by computer jocks and hated by many other reviewers.

Other optional technical gadgets include Lane Departure Warning, Heads-up display Active Cruise Control with Stop and Go-which does exactly what it says, managing the car’s speed in stop-and-go traffic-and Sirius satellite radio, HD radio and an iPod connection.

Of course, the 5-Series offers a full range of passive safety features, including extended crumple zones, six air bags, anti-lock brakes, traction and dynamic stability control, BMW Assist with collision notification, and optional rear passenger airbags.

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