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2010 BMW M5 Pictures

2010 BMW M5 Pictures

2010 BMW M5 Pictures

2010 BMW M5 Pictures

Since its introduction to the US in 1987, the BMW M5 Sedan has been the essence of the M philosophy: the combination of exhilarating performance, knife-edge handling and superior comfort wrapped in understated bodywork that sends the sharp-eyed observer subtle hints about its stunning capabilities. Without a doubt, the 2010 BMW M5 Sedan continues to exemplify what it means to be an M vehicle.

Starting at $86,325, the price of 2010 BMW M5 Sedan remains unchanged from the previous model year, however it has been enhanced with the addition of BMW s latest 4th generation iDrive controller and screen to compliment the standard on-board Navigation System.

With its 5.0-liter V10 capable of 500 horsepower and choice of 7-speed SMG or 6-speed manual transmission, the M5 offers a potent driving experience unlike any other sedan on the road. In spite of its impressive level of performance, the M5 is also a true luxury sedan. The M5 interior features door panels that include large door pockets and wood trim along the tops of the doors. The front passenger door handle is wrapped in leather and the location of the door handles is ergonomically ideal, with the window buttons located on the door armrests. Pearl-gloss chrome inserts are on the radio and temperature controls.

A heated M multi-function steering wheel and soft-close doors are available as stand-alone options as is an iPod/USB Adapter which enables the M5’s audio system to play an MP3 player. It fully integrates the iPod’s functionality into the audio controls on the multi-function steering wheel as well as charge the iPod. High Definition (HD) radio with multicasting is also an option. HD radio improves the sound quality and allows access to additional radio programming.

BMW iDrive, 4th generation: new graphics and controls.
New controller concept, high-resolution 8.8-in. control display.
Optimized menu structures, high-resolution graphics, expanded range of functions.
Greater convenience and more intuitive operation via direct-select keys at the controller, plus more Programmable Memory Keys.
In the 6 Series, BMW s iDrive system of controls and displays is offered in combination with the standard Navigation system. In this iteration, iDrive enters its 4th generation building upon this pioneering development, while making it more natural, more intuitive, simpler and more elegant in its functionality and more esthetically pleasing and enjoyable.

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