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2010 BMW 6 Series Images

2010 BMW 6 Series Images

2010 BMW 6 Series Images

2010 BMW 6 Series Images

The new BMW 6 Series Coupé. The new BMW 6 Series Convertible

– New edition of the BMW 6 Series Coupé and BMW 6 Series Convertible successful the world over and built more than 75,500 times so far, strengthening the position of the Coupé as the leading 2+2-seater in the luxury segment in both technological and dynamic terms, and reinforcing the sporting, modern and exclusive features of the Convertible.

– The BMW 6 Series as the authentic re-interpretation and progressive continuation of the Gran Turismo heritage, a car concept deeply embedded in a 70-year history of successful, sporting, technologically leading and stylish Coupés and Convertibles in the luxury segment.

– Careful accentuation of the exterior design confirming the sporting qualities of the Coupé and Convertible, continuation of the prize-winning sculptural design with smooth lines extending all round the car, surfaces flowing into one another and a dynamically stretched silhouette, consistent perfection of the harmonious lines by modifying various details both front and rear.

– Fresh accentuation within the interior by carefully updating the controls and instruments and introducing new compositions of materials and colours, iDrive Controller, rotary knobs for the air conditioning and audio system, door openers and glove compartment push button in new high-quality material, interior trim and upholstery in new colour schemes, leather upholstery in SunReflective Technology in the BMW 6 Series Convertible reducing the heat effect of the sun.

– 4.8-litre eight-cylinder developing 270 kW/367 hp and offering enhanced efficiency as the top engine in the new BMW 650i Coupé and the new BMW 650i Convertible, newly developed 3.0-litre straight-six with High Precision Injection in the lean-burn mode on the new BMW 630i Coupé and the new BMW 630i Convertible, comprehensive implementation of the BMW EfficientDynamics development strategy in all engine variants, Brake Energy Regeneration, on-demand control and operation of the engine’s ancillary units, steering system with Varioserv steering assistance pump, heat-optimised final drive reducing frictional losses, gearshift point indicator, fuel consumption reduced up to 5 per cent (eight-cylinder) and, respectively, 15 per cent (six-cylinder) versus the former models, unique balance of engine power and economy unparalleled in this drive segment.

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