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2009 BMW 6 Series Pictures

2009 BMW 6 Series Pictures

2009 BMW 6 Series Pictures

2009 BMW 6 Series Pictures

BMW has long offered fine driving cars for every luxury budget, though most have been high on door count. The BMW 6 Series coupe and convertible are for those seeking Bimmer performance two-door style in a high-end package that’s noticeably more extravagant than the company’s entry-level offerings.

In many ways, one can consider the current BMW 6 Series to be a two-door variant of the company’s 5 Series sedan. The singular (non-M) 6 Series model, the 650i, inherits most of the 550i’s running gear, including its 4.8-liter V8. The resulting 360 horsepower means speed comes quite naturally to the 6 Series. In fact, its agile handling, swift braking and slick pair of transmissions make it a great performer all around, while a composed ride quality and supportive seats keep comfort levels high.

The BMW 6 Series coupe and convertible are some of the more interesting luxury two-doors on the market. Furthermore, a competitive pricing strategy on BMW’s part makes them a better value than many other European-brand two-doors. As an imperfect but unexpectedly affordable coupe or convertible, the 6 is hard to ignore.The current BMW 6 Series debuted for 2004. Originally, it came equipped with a 4.4-liter V8 rated at 325 hp and 330 lb-ft of torque and was known as the 645Ci. The name change to 650i (minus the “C”) and update to the current 4.8-liter V8 occurred for 2006. Driving characteristics between the 645Ci and 650i are very similar: The smaller V8 shared the 4.8-liter’s athletic character but had a slightly less vigorous power band. If you find a well-kept 645Ci on the used market, you won’t find it lacking from a performance standpoint.

Prior to 2008, there were three six-speed transmissions available: a traditional manual, a traditional automatic and BMW’s SMG, which used an electronically control clutch to provide both the responsiveness of a manual and the forget-about-it friendliness of an automatic. Sounds good, but in reality, we’d steer clear of this transmission as its herky jerky performance makes everyday driving a pain in the neck. Most 6 Series from this time were equipped with the traditional automatic, but it didn’t become standard until 2010.

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