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2009 BMW M6 Pictures

2009 BMW M6 Pictures

2009 BMW M6 Pictures

2009 BMW M6 Pictures

It runs out of puff at 4,500rpm, but at any speed up to there it delivers performance more akin to a sports car than a luxo barge. What’s most remarkable is the unit’s economy (44.8mpg in the Combined cycle) which means that CO2 emissions are just 166g/km and VED tax just £180 (first year rate £250). Put your foot down and it is hard to reconcile this shove in the back with such frugality.

At six feet one inches across, this is a big car and it never shrinks around you like the larger 7-series. This dominates the driving experience. On smaller roads you are constantly aware of the nearside and, on wider roads, it feels like a huge car carrying a perilous amount of inertia. Contributing factors include the standard suspension which seems slightly too reluctant to change direction to be a sporting saloon. Changing the suspension settings via the optional dynamic driving control doesn’t help much, with Sport + virtually unusable on the public road, so you tend to leave it in Normal. On optional 18-inch wheels and 45 per cent aspect ratio tyres, the ride was terrific and grip is more than adequate but the driving experience left me cold.

The following day I drove the petrol model with BMW’s optional Dynamic Damper Control, electronically controlled Dynamic Drive, anti-roll stability management and Active Steering, AKA all the bells and whistles. In the past I have not liked the artificiality of these systems, but this car was a revelation. Even left in Normal suspension mode, the 5-series attacked bends in a series of swoops with tightly controlled damping, an eagerness to change direction and new-found steering neutrality. This is just the sort of sporting saloon the 5-series purports to be. It still felt like a bigger car than its big sister, but equally as fast and stable, even verging on fun.

Talking of sisters, I was surprised when Artur Russ, the BMW engineer in charge of driver assistance systems, explained that the self-parking option was so good, “the driver could leave it to the sister to park”.

Sister? Not mine I wouldn’t, I explained. She’s rubbish at parking. “No, not your sister, the system,” said Artur.

Elegant, grown up and supremely efficient, the 5-series is a major stepping stone in man’s climb from primeval soup to intelligent master race. What’s more, it parks better than your sister.

Source: telegraph

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