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2009 BMW X6 Pictures

2009 BMW X6 Pictures

2009 BMW X6 Pictures

2009 BMW X6 Pictures

Introduced to the world as a ground-breaking idea in the summer of 2008, the debut of BMW’s X6 Sports Activity Coupe was an immediate success that is likely to continue with the 2009 model year. This all-new addition to BMW’s very successful SAV line has redefined the very notion of a coupe—with five doors and four sculpted seats, a higher ride and loads of cargo space. It defies coupe conventions in one jaw-dropping look, combining coupe agility and SAV versatility, taking the coupe to a higher level.

For 2009 the BMW X6 has received several equipment and package enhancements, offering an added level of luxury and comfort. For starters, the Automatic Tailgate has been added to the Premium Package. Newly added as a stand alone option is the Leather Wrapped Dashboard, which is also now included with the Nappa Leather option. Heated Rear Seats have now been added to the Cold Weather Package and the Space Saving Spare is now a stand alone option only. The Gray Band Winshield has been deleted and Self Leveling Suspension has been deleted on the X6 xDrive50i model.

The 2009 BMW X6 will be available in its two previous engine variants: the xDrive50i (4.4 V8 engine, 400 hp, 450lb.-ft torque), which starts at $67,025; and the xDrive35i (3.0 inline six-cylinder engine, 300 hp, 300 lb.-ft torque), starts at $56,325, both with Twin Turbo and direct injection. The BMW X6 offers unique features and performance ability in a combination unmatched by any other vehicle. The BMW X6’s design combines the sporting elegance of a large BMW Coupe with the powerful presence of a BMW X model.

The BMW X6 employs BMW’s proven intelligent xDrive all-wheel-drive technology with electronic control to vary the distribution of drive power between the front and rear axles, instantaneously adjusting to driving conditions. However, the X6 takes xDrive a step further with the introduction of Dynamic Performance Control.
Featured for the first time on the BMW X6, Dynamic Performance Control ensures variable distribution of drive forces between the two rear wheels. Dynamic Performance Control incorporates an advanced computer control and an innovative rear differential incorporating two planetary gearsets and two clutch packs that enable the system to multiply torque on an individual rear wheel. The result is that Dynamic Performance Control can help steer the vehicle by directing torque to either of the rear wheels. Unique the world over, this cutting-edge technology is effective whether the driver is accelerating or decelerating and significantly enhances steering precision and, as a result, the agility of the vehicle at any speed. In fast corners with abrupt steering maneuvers or with the driver suddenly releasing the gas pedal, Dynamic Performance Control serves to improve the stability of the entire vehicle, thus allowing the driver to safely enjoy new dimensions of driving dynamics. Finally, on slippery or uneven surfaces, Dynamic Performance Control provides the further advantage of even safer and more stable traction.
The new V8 engine with Twin Turbo technology and high precision direct injection is likewise making its world debut in the BMW X6. Displacing 4.4 liters, this eight-cylinder with maximum engine output of 400 hp and peak torque of 450 lb-ft available over an unusually large range of engine speed from 1,750–4,500 rpm, is the most powerful engine ever seen in a BMW X model.

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