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2009 BMW 7 Series Pictures

2009 BMW 7 Series Pictures

2009 BMW 7 Series Pictures

2009 BMW 7 Series Pictures

The 2009 BMW 7 Series has been fully redesigned. Highlights include new exterior styling, a revised iDrive interface and a new and more powerful turbocharged V8 engine.

The last-generation BMW 7 Series made people mad. Many car fans and Bimmerphiles hated its styling so much they turned its designer Chris Bangle’s name into a derogatory term. From now on, to be “Bangled” is to have a previously attractive automotive design ruined. While subsequent BMWs took on many of the 7’s controversial styling cues, the big flagship sedan remained the most visually challenging, and a lightning rod for critical wrath.

Now we have an all-new 2009 BMW 7 Series, and thankfully, designer Karim Habib won’t be turned into a derogatory verb. While there are certainly some brash elements — particularly the flared nostril grilles — BMW’s flagship has been significantly de-Bangled. The body work now appears tauter, the light clusters are more harmonious and the bulbous “Bangle-butt” trunk lid has been excised (he had a derogatory noun named after him, too). In short, the new 750i now looks more like a BMW.

Styling isn’t the only issue BMW took on with the 2009 7 Series. As you likely know, iDrive has long been vilified for its clumsy operation and needlessly complex menu structure. The system has been improved over the years, but then so has the acting ability of the Rock, who still won’t be taking home an Oscar any time soon. For the revised 7’s iDrive, the multipurpose knob and large LCD screen remain, but physical menu select buttons have been added and the menus themselves laid out in a more logical manner. Dash-mounted preset buttons have also been added (other BMWs with iDrive had them, but the 7 didn’t), and much of the climate control system has been put outside iDrive’s jurisdiction. The result is a thumbs-up.

One thing not in need of help was the 7’s driving dynamics — the previous car was the most rewarding to drive in its class. The 2009 750i and 750Li carry on this tradition and gain a bevy of high-tech vehicle control systems. The new twin-turbo V8 is a remarkable engine, and the vehicle’s handling remains a class benchmark. The new Dynamic Driving Control features four different settings that alter the aggressiveness of damper control, steering assist and ratio, antiroll bar stiffness, shift calibration of the six-speed autobox, throttle sensitivity and stability control. It’s complicated, and we’d bet good money most folks will leave it on Normal, but it should reward an owner who likes to customize a car to his or her own driving tastes.

The 2009 BMW 750i and long-wheelbase 750Li are substantial improvements over the cars they replace — and not just because of Bangle and iDrive. The 7 Series is a lavish, rewarding luxury flagship sedan designed for those who prefer to be involved with their car. This is a highly competitive class, though, that contains such premium choices as the Audi A8, Lexus LS 460 and Mercedes S-Class, They all have their own merits that appeal to specific buyers and are worth a look. Given the 7 Series’ adjustable driving settings, though, it certainly stands a better chance of meeting more people’s wants and needs. Plus, not being Bangled should help, too.

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