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2010 BMW 1 Series Images

2010 BMW 1 Series Images

2010 BMW 1 Series Images

2010 BMW 1 Series Images

The 2010 BMW 128i loses its standard sunroof but gains HD radio. An automatic high-beam function is newly optional on all 1 Series models.

“Cute?” exclaimed an outraged Susan Sarandon in “Bull Durham.” “Baby ducks are cute! I want to be exotic and mysterious!” Alas, the 2010 BMW 1 Series is none of the above. With its upswept rocker panels and top hat of a greenhouse, this entry-level BMW is aesthetically controversial, to put it kindly. What’s not controversial, though, is its combination of scintillating swiftness and remarkable refinement, which clearly sets it apart from other sporty two-doors.

From the 1 Series’ compact dimensions, one might reasonably assume that it’s significantly lighter than its 3 Series brethren, with which it shares many mechanical components. Such is not the case: The curb weights are close enough to make the 1 more of a junior 3 than a throwback to the days of classic elemental BMWs like the 2002. No matter, though. The 3 is an excellent foundation to build on, and indeed, the 1 delivers generally 3 Series-esque handling and ride comfort, the exception being occasional impact harshness from the run-flat tires.

The 1 also shares the 3’s inline-6 power plants: a 3.0-liter naturally aspirated unit and a twin-turbocharged version of similar displacement. Even the former is plenty spry in the 128i, yielding a 0-60-mph sprint of about 6 seconds flat, while the latter’s 300 horsepower propels the 135i to 60 mph in the low-5-second range. These numbers alone should help smooth over any concerns about the 1 Series’ elevated price, as should the preternatural smoothness of each engine’s power delivery. The 1 Series is every bit a proper BMW from behind the wheel — a sophisticated tool for discerning drivers.

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