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2011 BMW M3 Review

September 19, 2010 Leave a comment
2011 BMW M3 Review

2011 BMW M3 Review

2011 BMW M3 ReviewThe “M” designation used to stand for a supreme-confidence and ultra-track-driving segment of BMW known as the “Motorsport Division”. Since the addition of an SUV (or two) to the M line, the power of the “M” has faded somewhat. The 2011 BMW M3, however, retains all of the glory of the olden days, allowing buyers the opportunity to give almost every Porsche on the road a run for its money. BMW hasn’t changed much about the speedy M3 for 2011, which is indisputably a positive thing. Read the complete results of our 2011 BMW M3 road test in the following review. Read more…