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2012 BMW 1 Series hatchback

2012 BMW 1 Series hatchback

2012 BMW 1 Series hatchback

BMW had released information about the 1 series compact car in 2008 since then the streets of Europe have been witness to prototypes of similar proportion cars with signature BMW styling. We have recent information about this edition which has been picked up from the latest computer generated rendering of what the next gen hatchback the 2012 BMW 1 series will look like.

It is expected that the 2012 1 series edition would have a roomy cabin with comfortable seating for adult passengers in the rear row unlike the current edition which has often been criticized for uncomfortable back seat for adult passengers. The images reveal that the new edition will feature a slightly longer wheelbase and wider track in comparison to the current edition.

BMW CEO Norbert Reithofer had informed last year that the 1series will be equipped with four cylinder engine which will be similar to the compact units developed jointly by BMW and France’s PSA Peugeot Citroen for the Mini and other French models. The engine would offer options ranging from the 1.4 liter to 2.0 liter displacement. The powertrain will be available in both turbocharged and naturally aspirated forms. There is a possibility that BMW may add the award winning straight six engine in this line up.

The new engine will be equipped with electrical regenerative system and engine stop –start system. There is a great possibility that BMW may add new Efficient Dynamic technologies such as heat recovery system and solar panels. BMW has revealed that the initial testing of these features showed a saving of up to 5% in fuel consumption.

It is expected that the new 1 Series hatchback will be launched in 2011. After this edition is launched BMW may follow it up with the new Coupe and Convertible variants. BMW also plans to release its possible shooting brake model and high performance M model also.

Source: automotivecraze

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