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2011 BMW M5

2011 BMW M5

2011 BMW M5

2011 BMW M5

2011 BMW M5 Exclusive Spy Video and Photos

Once we received confirmation that the 2011 BMW 5 Series was headed for the 2010 Geneva Auto Show, we knew it wouldn’t be long before prototypes of the 2011 BMW M5 arrived at the Nürburgring.

Sure enough, our spy shooters recently snagged video of several different versions of the upcoming super sedan on the world’s most difficult test track. Early versions wore a fabric bra to conceal the front end, but later test mules had uncovered front fascias that exposed sizable air intakes at each corner.

These appear to confirm that this M5 will use a turbocharged V8 in place of the current V10. Sources at BMW told us to expect just such an engine a couple weeks ago.

Those same sources didn’t say exactly which engine the 2011 BMW M5 would use, but the most obvious choice would be BMW’s new turbocharged 4.4-liter V8 that debuted in the X5 M and X6 M. It develops 555 horsepower and 500 pound-feet of torque and could conceivably arrive tuned to produce even higher output. Then again, with the horsepower wars now taking a backseat to cleaner emissions and reduced fuel consumption, BMW may decide that 555 horses is more than enough.

We won’t have to wait that long to find out, as the next-generation 2011 BMW M5 will most likely debut next summer or early fall.

Source: insideline

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