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2011 Mansory X6

2011 Mansory X6

2011 Mansory X6

2011 Mansory X6

The BMW ActiveHybrid X6: Sports Activity Coupé of the highest standard, BMW ActiveHybrid with maximum efficiency.

The BMW ActiveHybrid X6 combines an innovative vehicle concept with cutting-edge drivetrain technology to provide a truly unique driving experience. The enhancement of both dynamic performance and all-round efficiency gives BMW’s Sports Activity Coupé, as unique as it already is, additional fascination and appeal, BMW ActiveHybrid technology achieving a supreme level of efficiency in this outstanding model, confirming BMW’s great competence in the area of drivetrain development.

From outside the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 differs through only a few details from the ‘regular’ models with their conventional drivetrain technology.
With its elegant and dynamically flowing roofline and features typical of a BMW X model, the Sports Activity Coupé offers a uniquely sporting rendition of this very special vehicle with its unprecedented character also in the full hybrid variant.

The space available and driving comfort likewise reflect the supreme standard this dynamic four-seater already offers in the versions already available. And apart from the special hybrid displays in the instrument cluster, door entry trim covers proudly bearing the designation ‘BMW ActiveHybrid’ on the driver’s and front passenger’s doors add a particular highlight and sign of distinction.

Particularly the very impressive Powerdome on the engine compartment lid ensures a clear distinction of this very special vehicle from outside, ‘ActiveHybrid’ model designations on the tailgate trim bar and the front doors as well as body paint in exclusive Bluewater metallic offered for the first time on a BMW X6 likewise alluding to the very special character of this very special vehicle.

Source: conceptcarz

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