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2013 BMW M6 Cabrio

2013 BMW M6 Cabrio

2013 BMW M6 Cabrio

2013 BMW M6 Cabrio

2013 M6 Cabrio Spotted Again

It’s been nearly 4 months since the all new M6 convertible was spotted, but it’s appeared yet again, and in the most unlikely time and place possible – Northern Sweden in the dead of winter. Now that the 6-series convertible has been officially debuted, BMW has moved onto the development of the top of the line 6-series cabrio.

The M6 prototype now sports the production M6 bumper underneath heavy front camouflage. Other signature M features already seen are the quad exhausts and huge front brakes. The wheels seen here are winter wheels/tires for testing purposes only.

The F12/F13 M6 will share the same engine as the upcoming F10 M5 – the turbocharged 8 cylinder motor from the X5 and X6 M (the BMW S63 engine, a 4.4L twin turbo, twin scroll, direct injection), likely to recieve additional tuning and is expected to come in at the 585-600hp mark.

Styling wise, it has been said that BMW M has taken a decidedly more angular approach to styling, as is evident on the X5M/X6M and the 1M. The same styling cues are expected with this car, including the now entrenched trend of having the center grill widen as it goes down (think E92 M3). (I’ve included a render of what this car could look like)

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