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2011 BMW 750Li

2011 BMW 750Li

2011 BMW 750Li

2011 BMW 750Li

2011 BMW 750Li Alpina B7 First Drive

The press has been out in force with their Alpina B7 reviews this week, following a big press event where various members of the press were given these cars to drive and have fun with.

I really enjoyed this one article in particular by the folks over at InsideLine, here are some select quotes but make sure to follow the jump to the full articleThe folks at Autoblog had the opportunity to get their hands on the BMW Alpina B7, and they apparently had a blast. Not only would they let it run against an E92 M3 to find out the M3 “can’t lose the Alpina B7 on one long road to nowhere deep in the reaches of an unincorporated area of the California coastal mountains.” They also refer to the Alpina B7 as “an amazing machine. Defying all logic, the sedan seems to shed pounds as the g-forces increase – the uncanny feedback from the driver’s seat is of a sports car wrapped in a lightweight paper-mâché 7 Series disguise. In a word: fun.”

Just like the Alpina B5, Alpina makes use of BMW’s N63 4.4l V8 engine found in the 750i and tweaks it heavily using — among other things — larger turbo chargers, high-performance pistons, reinforced cylinder heads, and an increased intercooler. All this makes for 100hp and 66 lb-ft more, or 500hp and 516 lb-ft in total. Mated with the 6-speed Alpina Switchtronic, Autoblog clocked 4.32 seconds for the classic 0-60 mph sprint.

Interested to get one now? Just decide whether to go with the RWD or xDrive version, whether to have it in short-wheelbase or long-wheelbase, pick your options, and be prepared to pay a base price of $122,000. Here’s a piece of advice though: I’m fairly sure there are roads out there the Alpina B7 wouldn’t be able to hang with the E92 M3 on, so better not base your purchase on this very point of Autoblog’s review.

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