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2012 BMW Z4

2012 BMW Z4

2012 BMW Z4

2012 BMW Z4

2012 BMW Z4

BMW Z4 can wait seven years between the first and second generations, but the two-door roadster will see some updates coming in 2012 when his plans to get smaller facelift for 2012 BMW Z4. From now on there’s not much to talk about the exterior and interior updates, but the inner workings 2012 BMW Z4 batch modernization certainly come up with a new engine.

America’s current lineup includes three models for 2011 BMW Z4: Z4 sDrive30i, Z4 sDrive35i, and Z4 sDrive35is. The basic BMW Z4 model is powered by a 3.0-liter inline 6-cylinder engine that produces 255 horsepower, but it will change next year when the six-cylinder engine dropped in favor of the turbocharged four-cylinder engine. BMW has promised that this new 2012 BMW Z4 engine will give the same performance as the engine it replaces. Everyone tells us that the difference is quite audible turbo engine always sounds better. The new BMW Z4 four-cylinder is said to be owned by companies in the BMW 328i as well.

Source: autocarsnews

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