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2012 BMW M6

2012 BMW M6

2012 BMW M6

2012 BMW M6

We get the first spy shot of the 2012 BMW M6

We’ve had plenty of spy shots of the next generation BMW 6 Series floating around for what seems almost as long as the old 6 Series has been around. Well, maybe not quite. Most recently we had a 2011 6 Series Convertible with not a lot of disguise going on, but until now we haven’t seen the M6 for 2012. But it looks like this is probably it.

This M6 was snapped near the Nurburgring (where else?) and sports a distinctly better set of wheels and drilled discs than the more prosaic 6 Series cars we’ve seen out and about. The front bumper appears to be more aggressive than we’ve seen to date and the headlights get a set of LEDs running along the base.

It doesn’t take a great deal of imagination to work out that the 2012 M6 will, in all probability, get a fettled version of the 4.4 litre V8 from the X5M with something around 550bhp, just the same as the 2011 BMW M5.

As we said when we reported on the 2011 6 Series Convertible recently, the new 6 Series looks likely to get a debut at this year’s Paris Motor Show. That should leave the way clear for a reveal for the M6 sometime in 2011.

Source: carsuk

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