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2012 BMW 1-Series M

2012 BMW 1-Series M

2012 BMW 1-Series M

2012 BMW 1-Series M

Spy Shots of 2012 BMW 1-Series M Car Appear Ahead of 2010 Paris Auto Show Debut

Ending all speculations, 2012 BMW 1-Series M car is about to brake at the forthcoming Paris Auto Show 2010. Keeping online onlookers and car-enthusiasts engaged, the next generation BMW has just silently concluded a series of road testing on the roads of Germany allowing scope for spy shots to generate.

The camouflaged BMW 1-Series M definitely shows off its M series pedigree in the signature quad-exhaust set-up.

According to Dr. Kay Segler, BMW’s M Division Managing Director, the 135i model is the base for the 2012 BMW 1-Series M Car. However, power output for this new M car will be an enhanced one and not just the 240 kW (322 bhp/ 326 PS).

Though exact tech spec of the 1 series M is yet to reach showrooms, you may expect anything between 350 and 375 PS out of the compact M car.

If you have driven E30 and E36 M3s, 1 series M will be entirely a new experience. The high performance M car will be a lighter one and will be moderately low-priced in the range of $40,000.

From the shot, you can figure out certain exciting BMW M features, such as hotter lines, camouflaged carbon-fiber roof panel, quad-exhaust tailpipes, and larger fenders, etc. But in spite of having such stirring M features, auto experts contend that the model will not be a true M1.

Source: nitrobahn

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