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2012 BMW Megacity

2012 BMW Megacity

2012 BMW Megacity

2012 BMW Megacity

Megacity to Make its first Public Appearance in 2012 Olympics

The BMW Megacity vehicle is the company’s bold step into the brave new world of zero emissions personal motoring. The hotly anticipated MCV aims to transfigure the way cars are engineered, setting new standards of performance and efficiency. Sadly, the urban car isn’t hitting the roads anytime before 2013. But if that sounds like ages to you, here’s BMW giving you a chance to have a glimpse of Megacity earlier than the launch schedule.

According to WhatCar?, BMW plans to showcase a prototype of its electric car during the 2012 Summer Olympics. As per their sources, BMW will bring “a near production-ready Megacity concept car” to the Games. BMW will be the official automotive partner for the 2012 games .

Perfect Marketing Platform

Amidst all the hustle and bustle, and the thousands of people flocking in at the great event, with almost the whole world glued to their TVs, BMW believes the Olympics to be a potential opportunity to inform people about the benefits of electric cars. Also its looks like a perfect event that will leverage BMW’s efforts of having the Megacity figure prominently to help establish it as a market leader for electric cars.

As per the initial details, Megacity vehicle will be built at the BMW Leipzig plant, as BMW sub-brand and not a BMW or a MINI. The four-seat, rear-engined, rear-wheel-drive car hides under its hood 100Kw motor developing 170 bhp and a maximum torque of 250 Nm. Price will definitely fall within a high range as BMW makes use of carbon fiber and aluminum for the chassis, with its body panels using composite materials such as reinforced carbon-fiber plastic.

Source: nitrobahn

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