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2014 BMW X4

2014 BMW X4

2014 BMW X4

2014 BMW X4

BMW Planning For An X4 Along With M Version in 2014

BMW is planning for a new X4, and when the car launches in 2014, it will make its predecessors X6 and the recently launched X3 look passé.

Built on the lines of the X3 and the highly successful X6, the X4 will be smaller and nimbler with BMW thinking about the four-seater being a range-topping M version. The X3 will lend its floorpan, drivelines, chassis and engineering hard points to the new sporting version, but it will be newly styled and rumors are on that the automaker is deciding on a bullish front design, four doors, curved coupe-like roofline and an angled tailgate.

The X4 will probably cut down on headroom and luggage space compared to the X3. However, the success of the X6 – 112,500 units of which have fast rolled out of BMW’s Spartanburg factory – has assured the automaker that sometimes style matters more than practicality. The capacity of the Spartanburg factory has now been increased to 240,000 from the earlier 160,000 to accommodate the X4 production.

The model will come with the options of a choice of four- and six-cylinder gasoline and diesel engines mated to a six-speed manual, a seven-speed dual-clutch or an eight- speed automatic gearbox. With no plans to offer a two-wheel-drive option, the X4 will make use of the company’s Dynamic Performance Control System, an electronically controlled system that provides an individual proportioning of power to each rear wheel depending on the prevailing traction.

The M version will flaunt exquisite styling features, a future twin-turbocharged inline six-cylinder and a seven-speed DCT dual-clutch gearbox from the BMW M division. Handling will be enhanced by tuning the front double-wishbone and rear multilink suspension, and a lower ride height, new anti-roll bars, excellent springs and dampers and reduced wheel travel will take care of the rest.

BMW intends the new X4 to look the much-anticipated Porsche Cajun directly in the eye, along with other models like Audi Q5, Saab 94 and a compact 4WD from Alfa Romeo due in 2012.

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