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2011 BMW CS

2011 BMW CS

2011 BMW CS

2011 BMW CS

2011 BMW CS Gran Turismo Review and Prices

In response to volatile market conditions and the global financial crisis, BMW has announced that going forward, the company will focus sharply on profitability. As a result, the firm says it has reconsidered product decisions and will not introduce a production model of the Concept CS. BMW cited this model’s inability to meet the required rates of return as the main factor in this decision.

BMW answers the Mercedes-Benz CLS with its own “4-door coupe.” Based on the redesigned 7-Series premium large sedan, Gran Turismo is the new top-of-the-line, so it should be fast as well as stylish, and loaded with high-tech. Of course, it will not be inexpensive.

What We Know About the 2011 BMW CS Gran Turismo

After generating big buzz at the 2007 Shanghai Auto Show, BMW’s Concept CS is heading for showrooms as the Gran Turismo. Rumored for a world debut late in 2009 and U.S. sale in the first half of 2010, it’s BMW’s reply to the strong-selling Mercedes-Benz CLS. But unlike that “4-door coupe,” which is based on the premium midsize E-Class sedan and sits in the upper-middle of the M-B line, the Gran Turismo will be BMW’s new flagship, priced above the redesigned 2009 7-Series sedan and rather more exclusive as a result.

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