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2012 BMW 7 Series

2012 BMW 7 Series

2012 BMW 7 Series

2012 BMW 7 Series

New BMW 7 Series

The 2012 BMW 7 series is available in 2 trims, the regular 7501 and the little bigger 750li and 760Li. While the 750i has under its hood the BMW 360 hp 4.8 liter v8 engine the 750 Li and 760Li are powered by the 438 hp 6.0 liter v12 engine. The cars have been built using a lot of aluminum in their suspension, which helps the car respond better to bumps and other road faults. The cars have a power assist that aids the driver in steering the car better, whether he is driving it on a highway or a city road or parking in a tight city space. The cars have been equipped with a steering system that directs power to the back wheels. The system helps one drive easily on winding roads at high speeds as the driver can put the wheel where he wants.

The 750i and 750Li models come with 18 inch tires, leather upholstered seats which have headrests that can be adjusted in 20 different ways. Also included in the 2012 BMW 7 series are heaters for those seated in the front, navigation system which is controlled by voice, a 10 speaker cd sound system and Bluetooth connectivity. Safety has been taken care of with anti lock disc brakes, a system for monitoring tire pressure, and a knee bag for the driver. Another feature that is standard on the 2012 BMW 7 series is parking sensors for both the front and rear sides. Optional is the night vision system that uses an infrared camera to observe obstacles 100 feet ahead of your car while driving.

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