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2012 BMW X5

2012 BMW X5 roadster review

The 2012 BMW x5 is a mid size luxury sports utility vehicle which is available in two trims. The first, the 3.0si, is powered by a six cylinder engine whereas the second, the 4.8i, is powered by a V8 engine. Both the 3.0si and the 4.8i are equipped with 18-inch tires, adaptable Xenon headlights, wipers that can sense rain, and the iDrive control system. Available as options on the X5 is a sports package in which is added an active suspension system, 19 inch tires And sports front seats. In the technology package one gets a system which helps the driver park his X5, a camera in the rear. The 2012 X5 is 7.4 inches longer and the base of its wheels is 4.5 longer than its older counterparts.

The interior of the X5 is among the best in this class of vehicles. The dashboard has a gentle curve and a design that makes the entire instrument array on the dashboard simple. The only problem area for this sports model is its iDrive system, which is yet to find favor with most drivers. The other area of concern is the third row of seats in the X5. The occupants in the third row lack enough leg room. With a third row of seats the X5 seats 7. It thus becomes the first sports utility vehicle from BMW which can seat 7. If one folds the second and third row of seats in the X5 one gets 75 cubic feet of space to store things.

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