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2011 G-Power BMW X5 M

2011 G-Power BMW X5 M

2011 G-Power BMW X5 M

2011 G-Power BMW X5 M

2011 G-Power BMW X5 M

The standard bumper completely replaced, the new rear apron. In addition to the two distinctive 114-mm tailpipes of the stainless-steel sport rear silencer characterizes the diffuser, the rear end. Together with the fixed to the tailgate spoiler, which visually extends the roof line, is also achieved at the rear to minimize aerodynamic lift. A four underbody fairing completes the action.

In keeping with the dynamic presence increases the G-Power has been a standard husky 4.4-liter V8 bi-turbo engine of the BMW X5 M min to an impressive 725 hp at 6,000 rpm and 890 Nm of torque, which lie min 1,500 rpm. The maximum torque is electronically limited to avoid overloading the standard transmission. In conjunction with an enhanced transmission peak torque of 1000 Nm giant is feasible.

Responsible for the performance boost of rich 170 hp draw comprehensive measures. Thanks to the larger air ducts in the front apron and the vents in the hood, the cold air intake increases the cooling water and oil coolers in front of the vehicle. This is their cooling capacity improves by approximately 15 percent. This creates the basis for a healthy performance by means of a thermal electronic optimization by motronic including annulment of Vmax limitation.

2011 G-Power BMW X5 M Typhoon. Exhaust side provides a fully stainless-steel sport exhaust system for the necessary reduction in back pressure. Here it is, besides the use of sport catalysts, especially on the optimized flow exhaust manifold point. In addition, optimized connection pipes between the exhaust gas turbochargers and cylinder heads to minimize the pressure and shock losses are installed.

Elegant curved fender flares on the front and rear provide space for extra-wide wheels and tires. The largest version, there are specific to the Typhoon developed “G-Power Silverstone RS” forged wheels in 11 x 23 inch front and 12 x 23 inches rear. Assembled round of Michelin tires in size 315/25 provide optimal traction and a sporty handling, which is one of the sport springs and a lowering further supported by 30 millimeters.

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