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2011 BMW 7 Series

2011 BMW 7 Series

2011 BMW 7 Series

2011 BMW 7 Series

2011 BMW 7 Series Introduction

Picking a flagship luxury sedan is a rather pleasant dilemma to be faced with. It’s not exactly choosing which supermodel to date, but really, it doesn’t get much closer to a no-lose scenario than this. “Oh no, I ended up with the Panamera rather than the S-Class.” Excuse us while we break out the string quartet.

So you can’t lose by picking any of these sedans, but with differing style, character and driving dynamics, you can certainly find one that suits your tastes better than others. The 2011 BMW 7 Series is one of the most popular entries and also one of the sportiest, putting an emphasis on a dynamic driving experience while still being quite practical.

For 2011, the 7 Series also offers the widest breadth of powertrain choices. Joining the previous V8, V12 and hybrid engine choices are the new six-cylinders in the 740i and 740Li. At first glance, it’s easy to dismiss it as the pokey model meant for dealership advertising fodder. However, the 740i with its 315-horsepower twin-turbo inline-6 is just as quick from zero to 60 mph (5.8 seconds) as the V8-powered Lexus LS 460 and more powerful than the V8-powered 7 Series from 10 years ago. It also gets the best fuel economy of the bunch, too.

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